TRIO Training Core

The TRIO Training Core has 3 objectives: 1) provide didactics and hands-on experience in rigorous basic/translational and clinical sciences research; 2) conduct research that includes adoption of emerging technologies and builds on the cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional team science across the KUH mission; and 3) establishes and nourishes a community of scholars that expands and sustains diversity in KUH research. Multidisciplinary and team research skills will be developed, and qualified and motivated TRIO mentors will train both pre- and post-doctoral trainees across broad, highly relevant KUH scientific specialties that span basic/translational, clinical, and technology arenas. 

TRIO Networking Core

The TRIO Networking Core is designed to build a pipeline of talented, diverse trainees who will contribute to KUH related fields across NC institutions of higher learning. We aim to provide support to this pipeline as part of a dynamic and cohesive cohort along their training pathway towards successful and rewarding careers in research. By connecting programmatic and institutional partners across our sites, the TRIO Networking Core is maximally poised to reach a broad spectrum of trainees from diverse personal and training backgrounds.

TRIO Professional Development Core

The goal of TRIO’s Professional Development Core is to provide a rich menu of professional growth opportunities that have been individualized into a tailored curriculum for our trainees, and also to create a pipeline of skilled mentors. We plan to do this by (a) fostering diverse, interactive, and multidisciplinary professional development programming for KUH scholars across the continuum of their careers; (b) creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each trainee that serves as a real-time training guide; and (c) building a pipeline of mentors across the continuum of KUH scholars, using interactive learning and evidence-based mentorship training that emphasizes the benefits of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity for both trainees and mentors.