Timothy Dobroski

Predoctoral Trainee, Wake Forest University

Timothy Dobroksi

Mentors: James Yoo, MD, PhD

Project title: Biomimetic Vascular Scaffold with Sustained Angiogenic Factor Delivery Enhances Vascularization and Renal Tissue Formation in vivo.

Timothy Dobroski is a third year Biomedical Engineering PhD student in Dr. James Yoo’s lab at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. He received his B.S. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from Louisiana State University in 2021 while conducting undergraduate research on the progression of diabetic kidney disease in mice under Dr. Krisztian Stadler. Currently Mr. Dobroski works on vascularized renal constructs for kidney regeneration, and the effect of microgravity on vascularized 3D bioprinted liver constructs. His research interest includes tissue engineering and regenerative medicine specifically for kidney and liver tissue.